The 9 Best Things about Jewelry Restoration

We all love our jewelry pieces and wish that they could last forever. Unfortunately, they can’t. Jewelry pieces are bound to break or wear out. Many hardly think of jewelry restoration until a stone is missing or a piece is broken. Jewelry restoration near me often varies from person to person, depending on how often it is worn. Should the unnecessary occur, you must ensure you know where to go for jewelry restoration. 

This post shall look into the various aspects of jewelry repair and restoration. Choosing a reputable jeweler to repair your piece ensures you get the best services worth your time and money. Keep reading this guide to understand the various aspects of jewelry restoration near me. 

What is jewelry restoration? 

When a jewelry piece breaks slightly or loses a gemstone, you don’t need to throw it away. You can simply look for a skilled jeweler to repair and return it to its former glory. That is what is known as jewelry restoration. Here are the 9 aspects of jewelry restoration. 

You should take off your piece during the restoration

As much as you love your jewelry piece, you need to take it off during the restoration process. You have been wearing it for years, and taking it off for restoration won’t hurt. Jewelers recommend taking off your jewelry when going to sleep. Taking off your jewelry piece is also advisable at the gym or during strenuous activity. 

When should you restore your jewelry? 

You should not wait until you start finding pieces of your jewelry everywhere to start thinking of jewelry restoration near me. Jewelry restoration should be done at least once or twice every year. Jewelry requires cleaning and maintenance to make it look new and stunning. This also helps to prevent bigger issues and more restoration expenses. 

Prevents losing the gemstone 

If your jewelry piece has a gemstone, you may end up losing the gemstone since it tends to loosen over time. Regular jewelry restoration allows the jeweler to secure the prongs that hold the gemstone. 

Gemstone replacement 

Seeking jewelry restoration services from a credible jeweler will see that your lost gemstone is replaced properly. A gemstone may come out of the metal securing it gets distressed or if it is insufficient. 

Replacement of chipped gemstones 

Since gemstones have varying hardness, some chip easily, while others hardly chip. Jewelry restoration allows your provider to check for chipped gemstone and replace it. Any sort of impact can chip your stone. The worst kind of chipping happens when diamonds rub against each other. 

Reshaping bent rings 

Jewelry restoration also makes it easier for the jeweler to examine rings carefully, and if there are any bents, they will be straightened out. Your ring may bend while clapping enthusiastically as you hit each other. 

Soldering of rings together

Although it is not a jewelry restoration process, the fusing of two rings may also be done by a jeweler during restoration. Soldering involves the fusing of two rings using heat and metal. This is often done for wedding bands or engagement rings. When a jeweler does this, it is to make two rings fit as one. 

Resizing of rings 

Taking your ring to a jeweler for restoration may also allow you to resize it. The jeweler can either make it bigger or smaller, depending on your requirements. Ring resizing may be possible for all previous stone metals. If a ring can’t fit you properly, you can ask your jeweler to resize it after measuring the size of your finger. 

Fixing broken chains 

During jewelry restoration near me, ask your provider to check your chain to ensure it is strong enough. Broken chains tend to make your jewelry weak and distorted. Your jeweler will successfully fix your chain depending on whether it has a pendant, how heavy it is, and whether it was fixed before. 

The Takeaways

Jewelry restoration makes your old jewelry look as good as new, provided it was done by a professional. When restoring a chain, light ones pose a greater challenge than heavier ones. Failure to take your jewelry for restoration will have you incurring losses when your gemstone or a piece of your jewelry gets lost. Always seek jewelry restoration near me from professional jewelers who always deliver desirable results. 

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