Technicians At Carolina Phone and iPad Repair Explain Why Your iPhone Is Getting Hot.

Overheating is one of the most common issues with an iPhone that technicians face over time. Sometimes an iPhone is slightly warm, while there are scenarios when an iPhone gets burning hot, making it unbearable for the user to touch. Either way, an iPhone, iPad, or iPod getting hot means something is fishy. In this blog, Technicians at Carolina phone and iPad repair mention the reasons why your iPhone is getting hot. Let’s have a look.

Reasons why iPhone is overheating according to Carolina phone and iPad repair

Overworking of the processing unit

A smartphone is just like a tiny computer that people carry around. The iPad and iPhone even have the same apps and components as a computer. But a computer has a cooling system. A fan is installed but does an iPhone have a fan? No. It works the same as a computer. The CPU is a powerful chip. Everything depends on the CPU, just like the engine of the car. A computer’s CPU has a fan installed next to it because it gets hot quickly. The Processing unit of an iPhone also gets heated very quickly when it has to overwork. A software issue can be one of the reasons why a CPU has to overwork. So, if the iPhone is getting hot, look for software glitches and try resolving them. Let’s have a look at how we can identify the glitch.

  •         To lighten the CPU’s load, we must first close all the applications.
  •         Look out for applications that might be causing a problem. Think about when your iPhone started overheating. Is it after installing a particular application? Uninstall that app, as it might be the one causing the issue.
  •         Recheck if the iPhone is heating/ functioning smoothly or not.

Issue with the battery of your iPhone

A faulty battery will not produce a stable energy output. As a result, the battery needs to overwork itself. Overheating is the side effect of that. Don’t ignore any warnings related to battery change. As the overheating indicates, the battery life is almost over.

Iphone’s battery gets directly exposed to the sun.

There are chances that your iPhone has been left out in the sun. As a result, the air temperature inside the iPhone also increases. This temperature increase and heat produced by the motherboard will result in an overheated iPhone.

Too many applications are running simultaneously.

There are times when many applications are running at the rear end, making the processing unit work extra hard. If you suspect such a scenario, double click on the iPhone’s home button and see-through which apps are currently running. How many are of use, and how many needs to be closed immediately? After this, see if the iPhone is running properly or not.

Were you watching your favorite season?

A constant switch on screen will consume a lot of energy. Streaming is one of the most power-hungry activities. So, if you are streaming your favorite season, the iPhone will get heated. Hence, it is best to avoid online streaming.

Check the iPhone’s settings.

Due to wrong settings, there are times when the iPhone has to work hard. For example, most iPhones adjust their lighting according to the light available in the room. High brightness will cause a load on the iPhone, causing the phone to overheat, whereas lower brightness causes no harm.

The software has not been updated.

Software updates lead to improved functionality of the device. Outdated software will result in an overprocessing processor. Staying up to date will reduce this load, and the iPhone will not heat up.

What to do if the iPhone gets overheated?

If the iPhone is getting hot. Follow the following steps to cool it down

Turn off your iPhone.

Heating up can damage the iPhone and thus act up quickly to avoid any damage. Unplug the iPhone if it is attached to a charging station. Avoid placing it near any heat source. Switch it off and let the smartphone cool down for a few minutes.

Remove the protective case of the iPhone.

The sturdy protective case of the iPhone might be blocking the airflow. As a result, the heat cannot escape, causing the iPhone to overheat. It is best to remove the protective casing, keep the iPhone naked and let it cool for a while.

Do not charge your iPhone for a while

When an iPhone is heated, try to do as little as possible as the charging will produce more energy, causing an already heated iPhone to heat more. The heat can damage the internal components of the iPhone, causing more harm than good.

Always remember to cool down the iPhone gradually. The abrupt temperature change can also harm the smartphone.

If all else fails, take your iPhone to Quack Quack Phone Repair, a shop for the best phone repair in North Carolina, and get it checked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my phone hot for no reason?

Ans: Phones often get hot from too many active apps or overuse. Try ruling out these scenarios and then check.

Q: How do I stop my iPhone from getting hot

Ans: There are several ways but always try to avoid exposure to an environment where the temperatures are soaring.

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