Swatidi slapped Manami for creating a place of disbelief, shooting diary

A slap on the flat Manami’s cheek. This scene was between Swatidi, Manami and Aparajita Adhyar. Mother with two daughters. A place of disbelief has been created. There is also a scene to be enjoyed. In that scene, Swatidi suddenly slapped her daughter on the cheek. Every time this scene is taken from different angles, Swatidi is hitting Manami once and tears are falling with her own eyes. He caresses Manami and says “forgive me mother”. He calls me and says, “Shibu, I can’t do this scene, I’m having a hard time.” Aparajita Adhya means Apa runs behind.
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Manami alone on the roof. Apa comes. Embracing Pew, the endless dialogue, “Don’t be angry with mother, Pew. Don’t be angry with mother.” Living in with my Palash… my mom seemed terribly outdated… I wanted dad more. And now he wants to hug his mother all the time, he wants to take the smell of his mother’s body.

The whole unit hangs. The shot ends. Apa is comforting Manami. Nanditadi came and hugged the two after the shot. Manami came in front of me with a straight shot and said, “These are real tears – I didn’t take glycerin but”. The shot was fired three times. Manami showed tears three times. There was a quarrel with Manami from ‘Belasheshe’. There is a lifetime. I used to have a lot of fun with makeup in ‘Belasheshe’. Manami used to do makeup and I would come and take off the makeup.

And there was a rush of pride about that. From then on, he would enter the set and say, “See if there is any make-up.” During the shooting, a series was going on in Manami’s Kolkata. Call time at 6 am. Manami used to finish shooting in Kolkata from 10:30 am to 11:00 am. I used to travel all night. Arrived at Santiniketan in the morning, By 5 o’clock in the morning. After getting ready for an hour, he would reach the location at 6 in the morning. As a director, Nandita and I think Manami’s work in this movie will take a special place in the minds of the audience.

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