Suzuki Indonesia’s new off-road pedal NEX 2 Crossover

At the end of last year, Suzuki Indonesia launched the new 2021′ NEX 2 pedal range (115 cc class). The whole range, which includes the NEX 2 Standard in regular pedal style, the NEX 2 Elegant and the NEX 2 Crossover in off-road pedal style.

The new NEX 2 Crossover is a development of the existing Suzuki Nex II 2023 Cross pedal and features the same air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHC two-valve engine from the entry-level NEX 2, with 113 cc displacement, electronic fuel injection and CVT continuously variable transmission. The entire range features the usual upright front fork, front disc and rear drum brakes, and 14-inch diameter front and rear wheels.

Suzuki Indonesia launches new off-road pedal NEX 2 Cross

Suzuki introduces the Raider J Crossover to the Philippines

Compared to the standard, elegant model, the NEX 2 Crossover gets a naked handlebar and digital instrument panel, which is closer to the off-road/adventure style and offers a more masculine and rugged visual effect. It also gets block-surface front and rear tyres.

And maintaining a low price remains one of Suzuki Indonesia’s key competencies for this compact off-road pedal: the bike is officially priced at IDR 17.99 million (November 2020 prices) in the local market. The NEX 2 Cross, which was previously on sale, is officially priced at IDR 15.75 million, which translates to approximately $8,290 at the recent exchange rate.

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