Sustainable Plastic Cards: A Trend or a Remedy?

Why are plastic cards more popular than paper cards?

Amidst the era of unprecedented change, plastic cards are gaining popularity in the arena of business for their superior degree of durability. Looking for versatile cards for all types of business needs? Your search ends with plastic cards, garnering global popularity due to the wear-and-tear formula. Custom-designed plastic cards can effortlessly let your business thrive and stand out from the competition. Whether your requirement is a customised card or a card simple layout, plastic card designers can help you out every time. Be it handout cards or plastic business cards, there are endless options that you may get.

Business is all about relationship building and creating a lasting impression in the mind of the customers.

Your choice of plastic card can be an effective outlet for flaunting your creative potential in you. Striving to impress your potential clients in the first meeting? Choose a minimal yet striking plastic card to make the first impression and your brand logo in it will keep reminding the clients or customers about your brand whenever they are thinking of purchasing something. Let’s have a look at the four major reasons that enabled plastic cards to become more popular than paper cards.

  • Personal Appeal
  • A greater degree of convenience
  • Security
  • Minimalism


Is the plastic card a sustainable option?

The ubiquitous presence of social media platforms and environmental activists has made us aware of the pressing issue stemming from plastic waste and pollution. Acknowledging plastic waste-related issues, the credit card market has undergone a rapid shift, and one of the greatest players, MasterCard has come up with a sustainable plastic option, manufactured directly from highly recycled materials. Gone are those days of lagging in the commercial sphere when the three options of plastic cards were there, such as plastic white, frosted and clear. Believe it or not, clear plastic cards are 100% transparent in nature and it is highly acceptable due to their water-resistant formula and tear-proof material. The protected plastic film over the cards acts as a protective layer and safeguards against scratches.

In present times, for business or other purposes, scanning QR codes have turned into an essential part of your daily life. However, by printing a QR code on the cards, you can effortlessly go for it. Getting in touch with plastic card designers can offer you the chance of customising your business cards in the way you want. There are multiple controversies regarding the sustainability of plastic cards. If you consider it from the perspective of manufacturing, it entails the usage of non-renewable resources and in turn, produces a huge amount of greenhouse gases. Apart from that, certain brands in the commercial arena are experimenting with plastic cards. In reality, whether the plastic cards are sustainable or not, are contingent upon the materials you are leveraging in the process of its manufacturing. For instance, switching to environment-friendly materials like biodegradable plastic or recycled items can be your weapon for saving nature from the detrimental footprints of business.


Significance of sustainability in businesses

According to a report by Forbes, around 90% of business executives believe in the fact that sustainability is the lifeline of an organization and it acts as the foundation of a sacrosanct business operation. Can you ever imagine your life without peace or tranquillity? Sustainability in business is more like peace which is vital to harmonize the overall operation. Sustainability has been derived directly from sustainable development that is intrinsically aligned with economic development to mitigate the demands of the present generation without compromising the demands of future generations.


Recommended usage of plastic cards 

The tendency of people to use plastic cards in their day-to-day activities to commercial activities has stemmed from their ability to easy interaction with machines. Beyond using business cards, you are welcome to show them off as VIP cards, bookmarks, reward cards, and identity cards. Moreover, your favorite home decor brand, IKEA is directing all its efforts to axe the overall consumption of water and energy usage; Believe it or not, it has undoubtedly bolstered the reputation of the brand. You can rest assured that sustainable plastic cards in your business, in the long run, will escalate the value of your business in the target market.


Key Highlights

Plastic cards are always the robust option of every time as they come with the promise of lasting longer without the slightest scratches or tears in the actual card. Presently, almost all of us are fond of one-time investments that may continue to deliver you the perks in the long run. A plastic film is a cost-effective option that can make your investment worth it, while there are fewer chances of its destruction. Searching for Plastic parking permits? The solution is right here at your fingertips and as always if you need assistance, you are free to contact the graphic designers near you.

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