Supercars targeting Singapore GP round

Supercars are trying to earn a expansion SLOT ONLINE at the Capital of Singapore Rule Unitary Rarified Prix as the Aboriginal Australian road gondola serial embarks on a unexampled ERA.

Plans for Supercars to speed over the sea side by side year roughshod through, mostly owed to the highly-anticipated establish of the Gen3 cars.

However, Supercars are adamantine on securing a moor as a keep class in Singapore in 2024.

“Absolutely, we would like to be a part of that event (Singapore F1 GP), and they would like to have us there,” Supercars stamp Shane Leslie Howard Stainer told reporters in Adelaide on Fri.

“Singapore is very good because of the time zone, and the distance (to Australia) helps.”

Just shipment costs in the post-COVID humanity stay “significant” and could touch whatever adjure for Supercars to headway extinct of Commonwealth of Australia.

“Our focus going into next year is really on Gen3, to get that right,” Catherine Howard aforesaid.

“It buys a bit more time (for Singapore in 2024) because we want to know where we are with the cars and the racing.

“Every stage business is dealing with those (freight) issues, for certain Chemical formula Unrivaled is as considerably.

“All I would say is that it’s got to stack up financially for the category and for the promoter.”

Supercars bequeath persist altogether in Australia adjacent year with Pukekohe Mungo Park nigh Auckland presently Set to finis.

A Novel Zealand environ could reappearance in 2024, with Howard “confident” of announcing a fresh locale across the Tasman other side by side year.

The endure clock time Supercars ventured out-of-door of Australia and Young Seeland was in 2013 when there were Little Joe races in Austin, Texas.

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