Summit and Gerrard pledge to implement a carbon neutral roadmap

Summit and Gerrard pledge to implement

Zira Asia Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Summit Power International Limited and Zira Corporation of Japan, on Monday aimed to create a carbon neutral roadmap by continuing to support Bangladesh’s socio-economic development. Ltd. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The agreement includes guidelines for accelerating renewable energy generation in Bangladesh and achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, setting out the Summit’s zero carbon emissions targets, outlining them, and intensifying de-carbonization efforts using green fuels such as hydrogen or ammonia.

Summit and Gerrard pledge to implement a carbon neutral roadmap

Speaking on the occasion, Ayesha Aziz Khan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of Summit Power International, said, “As a member of Bangladesh Climate Vulnerability Forum (CVF), we have pledged to supply 40% of our national energy demand from renewable sources by 2041. In its continuation, we want to work towards achieving the goal of zero carbon emissions by implementing world-class adaptation approaches with Summit and our partner JERA

Toshiro Kudama, CEO of JERA Asia, said: Zera himself aims to achieve zero-carbon by 2050 by reducing carbon dioxide emissions in his domestic and foreign activities. We believe that in the light of the interrogation and the experience of Japan, we will be able to help the summit and above all Bangladesh.

A statement from the summit said Bangladesh’s electricity demand would increase in line with Bangladesh’s economic growth. Bangladesh is committed to meeting the growing demand for electricity in the country and achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement by increasing the efficiency of power generation using different fuels as well as developing the renewable power generation sector. Notification

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