‘Suicide note’ in JU student’s room killed after falling from roof

A ‘suicide note’ was found in the room of Amit Kumar, a student who fell from the roof of Shaheed Rafiq-Jabbar Hall of Jahangirnagar University.

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After Amit’s death on Tuesday afternoon, his roommates found it under his pillow at around 8:30 pm. Hence the idea of ​​students, Amit has committed suicide.

Upon receiving the news, Professor Sohail Ahmed went to Amit’s room and saw the ‘suicide note’.

Chairman Sohail Ahmed told reporters: We have closed the room for now. The police will come and see the rest. ”

Then at 11:30 pm a team of Ashulia police arrived at Amit’s room number 325. They took some information from Amit’s two roommates. Later, in the presence of the head of the hall, Amit took two phones, two notebooks and a suicide note for investigation.

Ashulia Police Station Inspector Ziaul Islam (investigation) told reporters, “The investigation has just begun. I took two mobiles, two notebooks and a suicide note for investigation. I’ll take it later if I need more. “Asked if there would be an autopsy on the body, he said, “It is not yet known.”

The suicide note read, “No one is responsible for my death. My brain is responsible for my death. I have unknowingly become my own enemy. I’m tired of fighting with myself. No more. I want to be released now. ”

It was not immediately clear if Amit was emotionally disturbed.

Amit was found falling from the five-storey roof of the hall at around 2.30 pm on Tuesday and his teammates took him to the medical center of the university.


Shahriar Khan Hridoy, a student of the hall, told I peeked and saw someone lying down. Inform the students in my block immediately. It was raining then. We went to the spot and saw Amit lying down. ”

He said they took Amit to the university medical school. From there he was sent to Enam Medical College Hospital in Savar.

He died at the intensive care unit in the afternoon.

After his death, his body was supposed to be taken to his family in Khulna, but he was not allowed to take it after receiving the suicide note.

Amit is a student of the 45th rotation of the Department of Botany at the University. His home is in Khulna. Father Ajay Kumar Biswas is serving in Bangladesh Navy. He is the only child in the family.

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