Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer – Still the king?


After four years, the renowned Storz & Bickel mighty vape company has produced a slightly improved iteration of its Mighty vaporizer called the Mighty Plus, which boasts 20% greater battery life. The Mighty dry herb vaporizer has seemingly gained a cult following due to its sophisticated cooling system, potent hybrid heating mechanism, and established reliability. In 2014, upon its initial debut, it completely dominated the market. We’ve come to see if that holds true today.

If you’re looking for a dry herb vaporizer for the first time, you might find our handy ranking chart helpful.

One major flaw in the design of the Mighty has been carried over into its successor, the mighty Plus framework. If you’re interested, you can see our discussion of that problem farther down in the text.

Functioning Explanation

Medium-finely ground herb, packed down somewhat in the chamber, works best in the Storz and Bickel Mighty, which is otherwise easy to use. The Mighty dry herb vaporizer is virtually ready to use after turning off the cooling unit and loading the chamber. To modify the temperature, just replace the mouthpiece and hold down the power button until the machine turns on.

After the Mighty dry herb vaporizer has heated up for around 90 seconds, it is ready to use. All it takes to get going is a deep breath. About ten to fifteen good sips can be taken from a bowl before it has to be replenished. As one of the most user-friendly vaporizers on the market today, the Mighty makes this procedure even simpler with the included loading tool.

The Mighty is a vaporizer of the second generation, but it can be upgraded to the third with the right accessories (which are not included). For this reason, the Zeus Arc GTS, the undisputed king of the third-generation vaporizers, is our go-to recommendation.

Excellent Characteristics of Vapor

The excellent vapor quality is the true reason for the Storz & Bickel Mighty’s popularity. Using the hybrid heating technology, you can get a strong vapor while still getting the most out of your material.

Thanks to the ingenious cooling system, the cloud production and smoothness are both excellent. Fewer portable systems exist that produce vapor as smoothly without making significant sacrifices in other areas. The polymers utilized in the mouthpiece assembly have no discernible impact on the flavor, providing you with a terpene-rich experience.

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