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Steroids and Covid-19: What to Keep in Mind?

Are you wondering if you should continue with your steroids during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic? Is it safe to carry on with the drug after you receive a vaccine shot? Keep on reading to find out how to go about steroids in 2022.

Steroids, also known as corticosteroids, are similar to a hormone found in the human body. They are used to treat several conditions in human beings from breathing problems to different kinds of infections. 

Some of the most common use of steroids are as follows:

  • Asthma treatment

  • Treatment for nasal and throat infection

  • Cure respiratory issues

  • Inflammation control 

Now, these steroids shouldn’t be confused with anabolic steroids which is mainly based on male sex hormone. Anabolic steroids can also be used to treat several conditions in the human body but these steroids are more popular due to their extensive use by athletes, bodybuilders, and film stars to gain muscles and reduce weight. Although it’s illegal to use these types of steroids UK, Europe, parts of America, and Asia, they can be found easily in normal drug stores. 

Steroids in Pandemic: Should you?

As we all know the dreadful Covid-19 virus attacks the immune system directly and if you have a weak one, the chances of getting serious diseases get higher. If you are regularly consuming steroids, there is bad news for you.

Steroids may harm your immune system and expose your body to the covid-19 virus. Also, a weak immune system means, you may easily get sick or develop some serious issues such as lung-related problems, pneumonia, etc.

According to CDC, people with a long history of steroid consumption are in the medium-high risk zone because of their vulnerable immune system. Such people have a higher possibility to fall sick from the virus than people without exposure to steroids.

Another report suggested that people consuming more than 10mg of steroids per day have almost 3 times more chances to get hospitalized, compared to normal people. 

Also, reports suggested that if you are consuming the drug constantly, it can quickly remove the Remdesivir, the infamous covid treatment medicine, out of the human body. 

Anabolic Steroids During Covid-19

As far as anabolic steroids are concerned, the scenario is even worse. The majority of Anabolic takers abuse it and take it in big amounts regularly to achieve their fitness goals faster. Well, anabolics are worse than corticosteroids when it comes to the immune system.

According to one medical report from 2021, regular consumers of anabolic steroids are in the high-risk zone of covid-19 and have 5 times more chances of catching the virus compared to a normal person with no steroid use. 

How to Stay Protected?

If you’ve been taking steroids for a long time, unfortunately, you can’t do much in that regard but withdrawing is still a better option. Also, if you have a period medical condition that may leave you exposed to the virus, please contact a doctor as soon as possible. 

Another thing you can do is get a shot of the latest covid-19 vaccine. If you’ve already been vaccinated, consider taking a booster dose. You can also protect yourself against the deadly virus by:

  • Keeping proper social distancing

  • Wash your hands frequently or use sanitizers regularly.

  • Always wear a mask in public. Choose the best quality mask such as N95.

  • Stay away from crowds, public gatherings, malls, etc.

  • Avoid unnecessary visits to the hospitals, sick people, etc

  • Eat vitamin-rich food   

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