Step-by-Step Guide to Generate Telesales Leads on a Massive Scale

Swayed by digital marketing and other new-age promotional strategies, new-age B2B start-ups often sideline telemarketing. Also, dismissed as old-world, tedious, and obtrusive, most businesses cannot reap the massive potential of telesales. 

However, the truth remains that no other form of marketing enables such a swift and effective reach-out to targeted prospects. Telemarketing facilitates instant communication, from promoting new products/services to availing feedback and communicating special offers. Here is a step-by-step guide to generating telesales leads on a massive scale:

Rely on a Team Specializing in Telesales Services:

Instead of directing the current digital sales and marketing team to double up as telemarketers, rely on experienced professionals. The amount of money and time spent hiring and training the employees is not worth the effort

Even if a business decides to take up this task in-house, it is still challenging to get access to experienced professionals. As a result, even large B2B enterprises outsource their telemarketing requirements to a reputed third-party agency

Aim at a High Call Volume to Justify the Investment:

The number of leads generated in telesales is directly proportional to the total call volume. It will also determine the number of telesales personnel a business requires in its team. For a well-planned telesales services campaign, it becomes crucial to chalk out the targeted number of calls to make per day. 

In addition, it is equally important to determine the total length of the campaign and whether certain days will have more prominence than others. More importantly, businesses should also identify the target audience and divide them into time zones to plan the scheduled calls accordingly.

Keeping Budget Planning on the Mark:

Businesses often feel that there is no direct correlation between budget planning and online lead generation. However, when channeling precious time and resources towards telesales, expecting good ROI is crucial for any business

This step is only possible to figure out by meticulously planning the budget in advance. Planning for a budget becomes a straightforward task by outsourcing the requirements to a third-party vendor. However, it is still important to identify the critical needs of a campaign. For instance, if a business is planning to launch a campaign for B2B lead generation in Malaysia, the requirements should directly complement the unique market requirements. 

Pay Attention to Telesales Scripts:

Planning a telesales script is not just about selling persuasively. The script should be conversational, empathetic, and engaging in striking a chord with the prospect. Most importantly, there has to be room for innovation based on a particular situation. While it is crucial to maintain etiquette during the conversations, empowering teams to improvise can be helpful

Also, the scripts should undergo customizations as per the particular stage of the buying cycle. These should also include location-specific planning. For instance, if a telesales campaign centers on B2B lead generation in Malaysia, the script should cater to the target audience. 

Moreover, telemarketing teams should adopt a different approach for prospects nearing conversion with the help of one that emphasizes immediate benefits. Leads that are at the top-tier of the sales funnel need consistent nurturing. Therefore, a more subtle conversational approach to trust-building is necessary rather than outright selling.

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Whether hiring a professional team for telesales or proceeding with the campaign in-house, the above steps are pivotal for businesses. Regularly monitoring the telesales and telemarketing KPIs is equally necessary. Most importantly, a precision-based approach to rope in qualified prospects should be implemented so that the leads amount to conversions.

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