Starting A Korean Skincare Routine? Here’s What to Do as A Beginner!

The beauty routine that has taken the world by storm is the Korean skincare routine. While many would think it is a normal skincare routine with maybe a few additional products, in reality, this is one of the lengthiest skincare and beauty routines we have seen in a while. Korean Skincare for Beginners can be a short version of the real Korean beauty routine because the real one consists of 10 to 14 detailed steps.  Personal loan Calculator UAE

A Little History Behind The Korean Skincare Routine

Koreans have always been obsessed with great skins. While many of us in the west have been concentrating on how to enhance our features and skins with makeup, the Koreans have been working on how to keep their skins healthy, shining, and youthful. This is why many of the Korean brands in the market that are gaining popularity are known to use 100% natural products and have infused herbal treatments used over years into their products. This is why their products produce great results. The amazing part is that while Korean makeup brands are extensive, you will see a large variety of skincare brands and products available in the market.

Now let’s come to the basic Korean skincare for beginners.

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Do You Necessarily Have To Do 10-14 Steps?

With our busy routines, the idea of doing a skincare routine that consists of 10-14 steps can be a real downer. But the good news is that you don’t have to apply 10-14 layers of skincare on your face. The trick is to understand your skin, nourish it, moisturize it and keep it hydrated and protected. Now it is up to you which steps you wish to keep and which steps to miss. Let’s start with the basic things you need to do.

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Start With Thorough Cleaning

In order to start any kind of skin routine, you need to make sure your skin is clean in the first place. Since our environment and lifestyle expose us to a lot of dirt and dust particles in the air, this is why it is important to cleanse your skin with a light cleanser preferably with a pH of 5 which keeps the skin balanced. The original Korean Skincare routine consists of two to three steps of cleansing.

Hydration is A Must!

Koreans emphasize skin hydration and the reason for that is that well-nourished and hydrated skin makes fine lines, and imperfections disappear and it makes the skin look more plump and fresh. Hydration also adds a natural glow to the skin and removes acne which means you won’t have to wear a lot of makeup to hide imperfections.

Sunscreen Is Also Essential

If you’re aware of the global warming issue and the depletion of the Ozone layer, then you will know why wearing sunscreen is essential. Your skincare becomes useless if you do not apply sunscreen and protect your skin from the UV rays, this is why never miss this step in your skincare. You can find great sunscreens on the Sensoo Skincare website which offers various skincare products from different Korean brands. 

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