Sri Lankan MP commits suicide to escape protesters

The protesters have become more violent after Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaks resigned during the Sri Lanka protests for weeks. Ruling party lawmaker Amarakirthi Athukorala has chosen to commit suicide to escape the protesters, police said. News from Al Arabiya News.

On Monday, he was surrounded by protesters on the outskirts of the capital, Colombo. Two protesters were shot dead at the scene. A 26-year-old man died in the incident. He was surrounded by anti-government protesters. The lawmaker later shot himself with his own pistol.

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Protesters set fire to the house of the outgoing Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
Five people, including a member of parliament, have been killed in clashes between supporters and opponents of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka. More than 190 people were injured.

Protesters also demanded that Rajapaksa’s family stay out of politics. They have been stationed outside the president’s office in Colombo since April 9 to make demands.

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