Spousal Open Work Permit – How it works?

It is crucial to the success of the Canadian immigration program, which places a strong emphasis on family immigration to keep families together. A Spousal Open Work Permit is an essential component of this program. 

Among spousal sponsorship, there are two rather different sub-categories: Inland and Outland sponsorship. 

Spousal Open Work Permit – Understanding the types 

It is important to note two essential distinctions between outland and inland sponsorships now before we get into the details of either subheading. 

Different types of spousal sponsorship differ primarily in the following ways. 

A Canadian can sponsor a spouse or common-law partner who is current living abroad for permanent residence in Canada through outland sponsorship. It requires the sponsor and the foreign national to reside together in the country. 

In spite of this, separating the two remains crucial to our purpose. While their PR application is being processed, foreign nationals cannot get an open work permit through the outland sponsorship stream. While their PR application is being processed, inland spousal sponsorships offer the possibility of receiving an open work permit while they wait for their application to be approved.  

About Spousal sponsorship 

IRCC has an average processing time of nearly one year for spousal sponsorship applications. 

With spousal open work permits, sponsored spouses and common-law partners, who are residing with their Canadian partners, are allowed to work with any Canadian employer of their choice during the process of determining their PR application. 

Open work permits for spouses were designed to reduce financial and emotional burdens associated with prolonged and difficult application processes. Unlike other work permits offered in Canada, this permit allows the sponsored individual to earn money without being tied down to a particular employer or job. 

Applicants can apply for an open work permit without a job offer in place, as long as their passports have not expired yet. Such permits are valid for two years. 

Required Eligibility 

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for your spouse’s open work permit: 

  • Sponsors who are married or in a common-law partnership submit a permanent residence application under the inland sponsorship stream of the Spouses/Common-Law Partners Sponsorship Immigration Program. 
  • Foreigners seeking work permits are legally resident in Canada as students, workers, or guests. 
  • Spouse or common-law partner sponsorship is available to both Canadian sponsors and foreign applicants. 

Process of submitting an application 

A letter acknowledging receipt of the sponsorship application from IRCC is required before submitting an application for an open work permit. 

Once receiving the letter, foreign nationals can apply online for a spouse’s open work permit. 

To apply for this work permit, follow the steps below. 

  1. The first step is to create an account with IRCC or sign in if you already have one 
  2. Get a personalized document checklist by answering the online questions 
  3. Apply online by filling out the form 
  • You can select “Open Work Permit” under Q: What Type of Work Permit Are You   Applying For?
  • You should choose “SCLPC OWP” under “Job Title.”
  • As the “Brief Description of Duties” field, please select ” Partner and Common-law in Canada’s Pilot Program.”
  1. Uploading documents is the fourth step.
  2. Your application needs to be submitted as well

Assistance with spousal open work permits 

Finding the right work permit can be a challenge. Work permit applications do not need to be submitted by a lawyer with immigration law experience, but such a lawyer can help applicants with: 

  • Assisting with the preparation of applications 
  • Preventing errors in applications 
  • Representing an applicant before the Canadian government 

They are able to prevent unnecessary delays during the different application steps and during application processing by using their expertise. 

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