Sports Beginners Can Bet On To Get Started

Unlike in the past, when bettors had betting information from the bookmakers, today, the internet has made it possible to access this information efficiently. Because of this, there has been an increase of about 80% of individuals betting on sports. Through the internet, punters can now access details of the sports, thus increasing their chances of winning their bets.

However, winning on bets can be challenging, especially if you are a newbie. As a beginner, you have to choose which sport you are going to bet on, but there are a lot of sports you can bet on in the world of sports.
And although the world of sports is fun and thrilling, there are only some sports that are friendlier to beginners than others. But this will depend wholly on where you rescind. You need to select a sport you find easy to bet on for this journey to be fruitful.

The sports betting scene is full of unexpected twists and turns, and therefore, you need to start your journey with the most straightforward sport.
Keeping that in mind, here are some of the sports to bet on;


Football or soccer is arguably the most dominant sport globally, with the UK having 40% of bettors on football. People love betting on football as most individuals have the basic rules at their fingertips.

However, football betting has been considered controversial by many people. Yet, ironically, it’s one of the most accessible sports you can bet on as a newbie.

Note that when we say it’s one of the easiest, we don’t necessarily mean you can win cash from it quickly. Football is the most responsible for the losses among the punters. It’s even possible that you may have more knowledge of football, but you lose in most cases.

So how do you get to win in this? First, you ought to have the proper knowledge of the sport. Acknowledge the right market, divisions, and leagues, and you will be ready. Luckily for you, it has always been obvious which team will be in the playoffs. These teams make it easy for you to see the team that will win the leagues. However, there are usually upsets caused by the low-scoring nature of the match. With that said, you must learn how you can beat these upsets to increase your chances of winning.


This game is pretty straightforward to comprehend. Famous players dominate it, and if you watch most of the tennis games, you can easily predict who will win. So it would be wise to bet on the big names such as Serena Williams and Roger Federer from the start. But if you decide to bet this big, you will also have to bet a large sum of money.

Tennis is usually played in sets or matches. Each set has a specific number of games, and each match has certain sets. For most of this game, you need to watch the winner and understand which player has a late burst of energy. Also, see which player decides to show their energy from the beginning of the game.

Horse racing

Its popularity is not as immense as that of football, but it gives you a chance to win. It may not seem accessible initially, but you need to give it your complete dedication. This way, you will understand the world of horse racing, and as time goes by, you will become better at predicting the results.


The USA is known to have a great adoration for basketball. This game is pretty exciting, rich, and has a lot of rules that you need to understand before diving into a bet. You also need to understand the different teams, but luckily, in basketball winning is all about whichever side has the most points at the end of it all. This is what makes basketball easy for beginners.


Like basketball, cricket is also simple to understand and is the most popular India sports betting. However, it would help if you also researched the teams and the individual players before betting. In cricket, you can either bet on match betting, completed matches, tied matches, inning runs, etc.


Betting on boxing is as easy as it seems. The results are also straightforward as they can either be one fighter wins, the other one loses, or neither one wins, and this is considered a draw in such a case. These are the only expected outcomes available to bet on, but there are other variables. They include the number of rounds the fight will take to finish and the time it will take. Unfortunately, the boxing market is limited, and hence you have only a few odds you can select. Because of this, there are no chances for you to buy odds.


To many people, betting on golf seems quite tricky. However, in most cases, it’s not usually the case. It’s exciting to bet on it, although it’s slow-paced. Golf betting is about strategy on how you will bet on the outcome of the golf game.


As a new bettor, you must select the right starter betting sport. This way, you will enjoy the world of betting and even increase your chances of winning.

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