Sonam Kapoor: Pregnant Sonam touching her belly, Premaghan Ahuja on her wedding anniversary

Actress Sonam Kapoor and her husband businessman Anand Ahuja celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on Mother’s Day when most of the stars are talking about their mother’s affection or taking pictures with their mother. Now they are no longer just two. Their first child is growing in Sonam’s womb. He will soon see the light of day.
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The actress of ‘Delhi 7’ posted multiple pictures on Instagram on Sunday. In the introductory part of the post, Sonam wrote to her husband Anand Ahuja, ‘I thought, love will be like a fairy tale in my life! Exciting, reckless, full of love. You have given me so much more by printing that dream. Every day I thank this universe for that. I say, I am the happiest in the world! ‘

Sonam added that every day of their marriage is sweet. Love each other for 7 years and want to spend the rest of your life in this way.

Sonam’s mother Sunita Kapoor and many others in the family have expressed their love under that post. Starting from other Bollywood stars, fans also wished Sonam a happy wedding anniversary.

On the other hand, the joy of expressing love did not go less. She captured some of Sonam’s most beautiful moments during the first months of her pregnancy. Today he shared that unpublished glimpse.

In the video, Sonam is resting on a sofa in a dark green dress. She is touching the newly swollen abdomen with absolute affection in the hint of the womb.
Anand wrote in the caption of the video, ‘You are very beautiful.’

On May 4, 2016, Sonam and Anand tied the knot in a glittering ceremony in Mumbai. After that, their happy marriage progressed quickly. The actress has been happily in London since July 2020. They have a house in Notting Hill There they will welcome their first child.

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