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The Solo is one of the dearest vaporizers ever. How many individuals have depended on it as their first and at times the main vaporizer is probably higher than some other unit available, and its notoriety goes on the north of 6 years after it was first delivered. There are a lot of units out there that are more powerful with fresher highlights, however, few have at any point tested it on generally speaking ubiquity.

Things are going to get intriguing, however, in light of the fact that has recently acquainted the Solo’s more youthful sibling with the market, the Solo 2. The Solo 2 has a great deal to satisfy, and it should be really noteworthy to get everyone’s attention from the OG Solo. I hope to struggle with choosing the victor in this standoff between Solo versus Solo 2. This is kin competition at its best, and today we will figure out which is the better vaporizer.

For a really long time, the Solo was the undisputed top dog when it came to fume quality at a reasonable cost. Right up to the present day, the Solo is as yet known as probably the best unit to get in the event that you are searching for good fume quality from a compact vaporizer.

The general plan is basic, and the glass stem helps ensure that the flavor isn’t modified when in transit to your mouth. While the long stem makes the unit somewhat less convenient, it additionally permits the fume temperature to cool, further expanding the quality over most portables.

The plan for the Solo 2 is astoundingly like the first Solo, particularly with regards to the fume pathway. The warming chamber is to a great extent the equivalent, and the fume pathway is as yet contained a long glass stem.

A speedy look might lead you to expect that the fume will be generally the same, which would be incredible thinking about the accomplishments of the first. Incredibly, the Solo 2 is better. There are two major things that add to this appraisal.

In the first place, the Solo 2 offers temperature control down to a specific degree, which is something the first didn’t. Second, the draw obstruction and wind current are better.

You truly can’t turn out badly with both of these. We can completely uphold purchasing either vape. On the off chance that you have the cash, get the Solo 2. In the event that you don’t, get the first Solo. You’ll be cheerful one way or the other.

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