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There has been very little information available about the Solo 2 Vaporizer from Arizer, however we’ve compiled a brief list of proven Solo 2 facts below for your perusal. Continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about the build, vapour, and design of this vaporizer.

  • Temperature ranges from 122°F to 428°F (50°C to 220°C) with the Solo 2 Vape’s comprehensive digital temperature control system.
  • Just 28 seconds (24 seconds to 390°F) later, the Solo 2 reaches its maximum temperature.
  • Incorporated in the Dual Heating System are the following: Both convection and conduction heating methods are employed by the Solo 2.
  • Longer life of battery: The Solo 2 Vaporizer may be used for up to 3 hours at a time.
  • The new Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer features a 0.15-gram bowl capacity.
  • For the Vaporizer, Arizer provides two years of craftsmanship and fault warranties, one year of battery warranties, and a lifetime warranty on the heating element.

If you haven’t upgraded your Solo Vaporizer in a long time, you’re doing it in honour of the original Solo Vaporizer, which many people are still using today. Arizer’s vaporizers have a well-deserved reputation for dependability and durability due to their high level of manufacturing excellence.

Vapor Quality of Solo 2 Vaporizer

As far as Vapor quality and flavour go, the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer has regularly hit it out of the park. The Solo 2 Vaporizer is no exception.

In addition to its ability to generate high-quality vapour, the Arizer Solo 2’s temperature control is another contributing factor. Vapor quality may be determined by playing about with the temperature settings for a while and then deciding what you want. It is possible to utilise a waterpipe adapter or bong with the Arizer Solo, as is the case with many other vapes.

Battery Life of the Solo 2 Vaporizer

The longer battery life of the Solo Vaporizer is one of its most notable new features. Vaping for an hour and a half would have been possible with the Solo Vaporizer’s initial heating technology. When compared to the Solo 2 Vaporizer, it’s easy to notice how much better it is.

When using the Solo 2 Vaporizer, the battery lasts about three hours (depending on your vaping temperature), which is twice as long as the original Solo and up to four times longer than Arizer Air.

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