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We have driven the way in improving the manner we view the convenient utilization of dry spices. With items that have given such an insurgency to how dry spices are disintegrated, it’s no big surprise they’ve demonstrated so famously. As a brand, its standing has been worked around delivering top-caliber, top-of-the-range equipment that produces lavish fume quality.

The Solo 2 is an unprecedented vaporizer, it flaunts its unique all-glass fume tube which assists cool the fume before you with breathing in it. With a wide cluster of temperature settings, it’s not difficult to get the ideal harmony between flavor profile and fume creation for you.

Subsequent to persevering through various meetings with this excellence, we’ve ordered a top to bottom audit of the Solo 2. We’ll let you know everything to be aware from specialized details to how to take full advantage of this force to be reckoned with. By Quality Vapes from Australian vape store at reasonable prices.

Solo 2 Heating System

The warming arrangement of the Solo 2 is crossover. This implies it’s a mix of convection and conduction warming. It’ll consolidate the speed of convection warming with the force of conduction warming for a genuinely unparalleled encounter.

We’ll start the Solo 2 survey by taking a gander at the form of this compact vape. The fume pathway on the Solo 2 is all glass, which loans a little delicacy to the unit yet further develops the fume quality (examined beneath). It accompanies two glass stems – one 9 cm, the other 11 cm, so they’re genuinely lengthy. Also, slender. Long, dainty, glass stems.

It has a LED screen to let you know its working temperature and has a battery duration marker. There are numerous different purposes for this screen that we love however and we’ll discuss those somewhat later. It will intensity to its most noteworthy temperature in around 30 seconds, which is great for the individuals who would rather not stand by. Among heat-up times, it isn’t the quickest however it demolishes most of its rivals.

It accompanies a more remarkable warmer than the Solo to convey even, the steady intensity from the tempered steel warming component and artistic chamber. You likewise gain full temperature influence somewhere in the range of 50C and 220C. You can accelerate the temperature determination by holding down the button to move in 10C additions.

By and large, this feels like a tough unit that is intended to endure. It’s curvier than the Solo and feels truly decent in the hand. The buttons don’t stick – exceptionally responsive. It is additionally intended to work with outsider water lines and cooling gadgets, which adds altogether to its worth.


The battery duration on this unit is extraordinary at 3 hours. That is twofold most different vaporizers in its group, including the Solo. The battery likewise has gone through charging so on a drained battery, you can start utilizing it connected, after around 5 minutes of charging.


Next in our Solo 2 audit, we check out at your convenience. Solo 2 is simpler to use than its ancestor. You hold the up button and the power button down to turn it on, then, at that point, set the temperature with the all-over buttons. Stacking the glass tube is simple also. To stack the warming chamber, you fill the lower part of your dish with the glass stem, embed it and you are all set.

You can redo your meeting length and alarms by exploring the menu on the advanced showcase. No application is expected for this usefulness. It has a flexible auto-shutoff and even splendor control too.

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