SMD screen | The Best Marketing Solution Is the Flexible in 2023

Outdoor e-marketing is an enormous market that is increasing, SMD screen. As technology advances, the solutions are more genuine and distinctive, allowing businesses to choose specific locations and types of customers at lower costs than conventional marketing strategies. It is possible to advertise.

We’ve all seen large electronic displays on roadsides, and nowadays, there’s a cheaper alternative for digital signs outdoors, which is massive wall displays SMD screen.

How do you define a wall of the video?

It’s a huge number of LEDs threaded in a one 5-meter wide area with more than two hundred and thirty-three LEDs for each square meter. It has a High-resolution (life-like) color. The benefits don’t stop there. Offering a more precise and extensive video or image also lowers the cost.

In the same vein, they are mounted on a very flexible bracket that allows them to be folded or folded, which reduces the space they take up, which typically happens in the context of concerts, and permits you to incorporate a tiny frame screen with a. They are inserted into the TV of the device by using receivers and transmitters.

How to connect an LED screen to an exterior wall

A wall for the concert video wall is usually constructed for as long as 4 hours by two men, and it can take as long as 60 minutes to take this wall from the box and play the video test. Savings. Instead of connecting a bulky screen to the supporting structure, all you need to do to build a massive display wall is to attach it to the upper part of your flexible wall onto the upper clamps of the platform, then secure these clamps on the sides and the bottom. The tension bars on the back of the fence define the space.

Wall storage for display

Contrary to the storage issue of a TV wall and the large flat panel displays and frame mounts, a flexible wall can reduce the cost of storage and transport by 79%. This is in addition to the capability to store the wall on rolls or even fold it.

A large TV wall is ideal for any season, excluding snow. But who wants to stand outside in the winter cold watching commercials?

These dust- and water-resistant solutions are priced competitively as general digital signage options for outdoor use. Flexible music wall performance reduces individual time spent working and storage and transportation expenses when the item requires frequent transportation. The gathering will likely be a perfect marketing tool for exhibitions, fairs, football stadiums, and events.


The estimates suggest that any person who uses the SMD screen over. A standard thin-frame wall will cut down 75% of the installation time, use 79 percent less storage space. And cut down on 80% of transport expenses. The initial investment is precisely the same as thin-walled technology for video walls; however. Any professional person who is an event organizer or installer will appreciate the benefits of this type of wall.

It makes use of a variety of displays that are powered by a powerful computer that lets the user be able to access and display more information than traditional methods. This also means quicker and better choices. They can do more than connect the computer and the wall display. They allow access to the data network and also add the most number of sources to the wall. As the network expands, it’s not wrong to claim that. There are more than enough smd screens that can display more excellent data than there was before, mustangled.

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