Shakib-puja cherry with ‘Galui’

Jamalpur Deputy Commissioner Mursheda Zaman has stopped showing the movie showing Cinematograph Act-1917. Many have expressed anger over the incident. Cinema lovers protested on social media.

Shakib Khan was shocked and shocked by the closure of his movie. In a long post on social media, he wrote that the country’s films have come to a standstill in the last two years in Corona. The release of good quality films was starting to pick up speed this Eid. Everyone was dreaming of turning the film industry around. Producers, directors, artists – from the crew to the cinema hall owners – everyone had their eyes on Eid films.

Shakib Khan further writes, I was getting all the positive feedback from all classes of viewers. The new generation was able to learn about our culture and heritage anew through the government-sponsored film ‘Golui’; Which inspired me tremendously. In the past, multiple films have been screened in different parts of the country under the alternative system! The administration has assisted in the screening of all those films. So what’s the problem with ‘Glui’ being displayed in the alternative system?

Puja Cherio has been vocal about the issue. He hoped that with the sincere cooperation of the concerned authorities of the government, soon the people of the country will be able to enjoy healthy films like ‘Galui’ in the auditoriums of the districts where there is no cinema hall, including Jamalpur.

Many film personalities have protested against the closure of the movie ‘Galui’. Some have also demanded the repeal of the controversial law.

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