Serum has stopped production of corona vaccine for 4 months

Serum has stopped production

The world’s largest vaccine maker, the Serum Institute of India, has stopped producing corona vaccines since last December. Adar Punawala, the company’s chief executive, made the remarks in an interview with India’s Times Network. Punawala said in an interview that the company was forced to take this decision as crores of ticker doses in its stock remained unsold.

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“We currently have more than 200 million vaccines in our stockpile,” he told the Times Network. These have not been sold yet. We are even ready to distribute these doses free of cost. Because, if left unused for a long time, they will become obsolete.

Corona Vaccine Oxford-AstraZeneca Indian Edition Covishield Manufacturer’s Serum Institute. At this time last year, in March-April, when the catastrophic second wave of Corona started in India, the Government of India announced a ban on the export of vaccines to keep the supply in the country in order.

The decision of the world’s largest vaccine exporter put the whole world at risk. Many countries’ national immunization programs have also been suspended due to the suspension of vaccination supplies.

Infection-death rates in India have been steadily declining since the outbreak of the second wave. The government also lifted the moratorium on tick export. But the demand for corona has been declining since the end of last year, as most countries in the world, except China, have adopted a policy of coexistence with the corona and most of the population in developed countries have completed two doses of the cocaine.

Adar Punawala, however, said that the Seram Institute has requested the government of India to reduce the gap between taking the third or booster dose after taking the second dose of Corona Ticker in India. At present, according to Indian government rules, the interval between the second dose and the booster dose is 9 weeks. The company has requested the government to make this break 6 weeks.

Apart from this, the World Health Organization (WHO) project to provide vaccine assistance to the economically backward and developing countries is also trying to find out whether unsold vaccine doses can be sent to Covax, Punawala said in an interview.

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