Sean Fein was the first to win the election in Northern Ireland

Sean Fein was the first to win

The Sean Fein team is becoming the largest party for the first time in the Northern Ireland Assembly of the United Kingdom. They pushed the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to second place.

Sinn Fin is the political wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), a one-time armed separatist group in Northern Ireland.

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DUP has 24 seats in the assembly.

On the other hand, Sean Fein got 28 votes.

As a result, Michel O’Neill, the leader of Sinn Fin, has the opportunity to become the first minister. This is an unprecedented event for any nationalist in Northern Ireland.

Michelle O’Neill said before the results were confirmed, it was an election of ‘real change’ and ‘a special moment for our politics and our people’. My commitment is to work through partnership, not division. ‘

Since the formation of the province of Northern Ireland in 1921, the Unionist political party has been gaining the largest number of seats in the provincial legislature.

The results of a few seats have not been finalized. At the end of the count, if DUP is the highest, it can get 25 seats 17 lawmakers of the Alliance Party have won. This number is more than double the number of seats they got in the 2016 election. As of Saturday night, the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) had won nine seats and the SDLP seven.

Sean Fein wants to take Northern Ireland out of the UK and reunite it with the Republic of Ireland. The northern part of the island of Ireland has long been part of the United Kingdom, which nationalists there do not want to accept. Source: BBC

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