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Save money with coupons – printed and online

With vouchers, consumers can sometimes save quite a bit of money on their purchases. But how does that actually work and where do you get the vouchers for your next purchase? We would like to answer these questions in this article.

What is a voucher anyway?

Through a voucher, the net price of products can be significantly reduced. In this way, you can save, for example, in the supermarket or when ordering Just Eat. You can find coupons both printed and digital, often in the form of a QR or barcode, which can be scanned at the checkout. This saves a part of the purchase price for a product, for which there are different possibilities:

The customer receives a fixed discount, for example 3 francs, when purchasing a product
The customer receives a percentage discount, for example 20%.
The customer receives a free item when purchasing a higher number of items

Coupons are particularly popular in the USA

Vouchers and coupons are by no means as widespread in German-speaking countries as they are in other countries. In the USA, on the other hand, coupons have a completely different status, which is why their use is quite normal there. This is mainly due to the fact that the price of a product can be greatly reduced with a coupon in combination with a discount promotion. In this country, however, this is not possible to such an extent, which is mainly due to the fact that when you present a coupon in Switzerland, you only get standard commercial quantities of a product.

Coupons for your next purchase

So that from now on you always know where to get coupons for your next purchase, we would like to tell you below what to look for them.
Vouchers in the supermarket
It is also worth looking out for coupons in supermarkets or drugstores. You can often find coupons there in small boxes on the shelves, so you can redeem them directly at the checkout and save.

Coupons via the Internet

On the Internet you can find quite a few vouchers and coupons from various manufacturers, which can be redeemed both over the Internet and when shopping in a supermarket.

In addition, there is a whole range of websites on the Internet where you can regularly find the latest coupons and deals.

Vouchers via app

Almost all large supermarket chains, drugstores or electronics stores now have their own app. And in these, too, you can find digital coupons with which you can save money when shopping.

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