Sana Khan with her husband at Kaaba Sharif

Sana Khan was a resident of the world as bright as Bollywood. But Bollywood left in a hurry. Absolutely quit acting. After marrying Maulana Mufti Anas Sayeed, a resident of Surat, Gujarat, Sana Khan is now concentrating on the full-fledged religion.

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Sana Khan was recently seen completing Umrah. This information was given by him by posting a picture of Umrah observance on 19 April through social media. The caption of the photo reads ‘Alhamdulillah, Umrah has been completed by the grace of Allah.’

The actress also wrote about worship, ‘May Allah accept the umrah and worship of all. And may Allah open the door for those who have not yet come here. ‘

Sana Khan was a well known face in Bollywood. She started her career in modeling and later made her media debut in commercials and films. He has also acted in Indian movies and television reality shows. He has acted in 14 films in 5 languages.

Sana was married to choreographer Melvin Lewis in February 2019. But after one year of marriage, they separated in February 2020. He then announced his departure from the industry on social media Instagram on October 8 of the same year, saying that he would serve humanity and obey the Creator’s command.

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