Russia’s intercontinental ballistic missile test, Putin says it is unrivaled in the world

Russia has test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile in a show of strength less than two months after the attack on Ukraine. Confirming the news of the missile launch on Wednesday (April 20th), Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a televised message that it would make Moscow’s enemies think twice. News Reuters.

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Russia’s military says the long-awaited Sarmat missile is being launched for the first time from Plesetsk in the country’s northwest. It hit a target on the Kamchatka Peninsula, about 6,000 kilometers (3,600 miles) away.

Russia has been conducting missile tests for years. So the Western world was not surprised by its successful test. However, in the midst of the ongoing war tensions with Ukraine, the test of this powerful missile has increased the geopolitical tensions.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry did not immediately comment on the matter.

Just a few days ago, US President Joe Biden announced 600 million in military aid to Ukraine. The United States has said in a statement that parts of several warplanes have arrived in Ukraine. However, Washington did not specify how many were sent. Hours later, Russia announced the successful launch of the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile.

Speaking to reporters, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “These missiles will make those who are trying to intimidate Russia think twice.”

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