Russian troops are fighting for the motherland: Putin

Russian troops are fighting for the motherland: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that Russian troops are fighting in Ukraine to protect the future of the motherland. Putin made the remarks in a speech commemorating the Soviet Union’s victory over German Nazi forces in World War II. News from the BBC .......

Today was Monday, the 7th anniversary of that victory. In today’s speech, it was heard that Putin could make a big announcement about the war in Ukraine. But he poured water on that discussion. At the time, Putin compared the Ukraine war to World War II.

Ukraine is in the 11th week of the war. From the beginning, Russia has called this war a special military operation. Many civilians have been killed in Russian attacks in Ukraine. A bomb blast near the northern Ukrainian city of Belohorivka has killed at least 60 Russian civilians.

In Monday’s speech, Vladimir Putin called the Ukrainians fascists. He further added that Kiev’s democratic government was being run by neo-Nazis.

Putin said protecting the motherland was a sacred task. Pointing to the north of Ukraine, he said the region is now Russia’s main target. Addressing the warring factions, Putin said, “You are fighting for our people, for the security of Russia and for the protection of our homeland.”

In his speech, Putin blamed NATO and Ukraine for the war. “They have invaded our historic land,” he said. NATO surrounds us. Such actions are a clear threat to our country and our border areas. ”
According to the Russian news agency, 11,000 troops and 131 armored vehicles took part in today’s parade on Victory Day. On the occasion of the day, small parades are organized in different cities of Russia.

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