Russia warns United States, not arms supplies to Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly accused Ukraine of conducting genocide in the east. However, in response to Russia’s demands, Ukraine has repeatedly said that there is no evidence to support Russia’s allegations. News BBC.

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In a war that began eight years ago with the support of Russia, separatists have taken control of one-third of the Donbass and established a small state. Even then, two-thirds of the Donbass region was in Ukraine’s hands. The rest was run by separatists.

Just before the start of the war, President Putin recognized the two eastern regions of Ukraine as independent states.

The Russian president’s goal is clear: he has made Crimea part of Russia through a controversial 2014 referendum. The next step in taking control of Donbass in exactly the same way would be to integrate Donbass with Russia.

Russia’s puppet leader has already told Luhansk about holding a referendum there “in the near future”, although it would not be impossible to hold such a referendum on the battlefield now.

Several Ukrainian-controlled cities in the Luhansk region have been attacked by Russian troops in stages. They demanded the capture of the town of Rubyzhny near Severodonesk. They also wreaked havoc in the cities of Lisichansk and Papasna.

Serhi Haidai, head of the regional military administration in Donbass, said Russia’s goal was to eliminate any obstacles that might stand in the way of Luhansk’s western border. Civilians are fleeing many eastern cities as Russian troops advance.

The Institute for the Study of War says these cities are very important. If these can be controlled, Russia will be able to establish contact with its forces in the west, which are planning to advance towards the city of Eziom in the southeast.

Russia must control its logistics by road. At the same time, obstacles must be created to prevent Ukrainian troops from coming from the west by rail.

Railways are the most suitable means of transporting Ukrainian troops and carrying heavy munitions. This is also the fastest way for civilians to escape the war. If the Russian forces can control different parts of this rail network, their troops will be able to advance along this route with supplies.

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