Russia warns United States against sending arms to Ukraine

Moscow has demanded that Washington refrain from sending sophisticated weapons to Ukraine, such as those hitting Russian territory, or else risks indefinite “unforeseen consequences.”
Russia has sent a series of warning messages to the Biden administration, including an official diplomatic protest this week, the New York Times reported.

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Two U.S. administration officials said the diplomatic note, known as “Damascus,” was sent through a regular channel, but did not have the signature of President Vladimir Putin or any other senior Russian official.

One of the officials said that although it did not have the signatures of any of the top officials, it gave the impression that the weapons that the United States has sent so far have had an effect (in the war).

The day after Russia’s embassy in Washington dropped the bomb, US President Joe Biden announced another কোটি 600 million in arms aid to Ukraine.

The Russians are concerned about the supply of these sophisticated offensive weapons, according to warnings.

U.S. officials say the note, which Russia has publicly threatened, also has an impact on the tone. It warns that arms shipments could be aimed at Ukraine after it enters its territory.
The note did not raise any concerns inside the White House, officials said. However, the Pentagon and intelligence agencies have begun a wide-ranging discussion on what could be the “unexpected consequences”.

Whether the arms shipments will be targeted or sabotaged while still on NATO territory before they fall into the hands of Ukrainian forces in the final stages, and whether they are included in the “unforeseen consequences” is being reviewed.

The Washington Post first reported on the protest note.

Among the weapons Biden approved for Ukraine last week were long-range artillery. In the coming days, Russia is preparing to launch a new offensive in the Donbass region of Ukraine. U.S. officials believe the cannons fired by the United States will trigger a different kind of war in the open wilderness of Danbas.

Until February, Pentagon officials insisted the United States would only send defensive weapons to avoid escalating the war; But the debate is thought to have stalled as Russia continues to attack civilian and non-civilian targets, the New York Times reported.

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