Russia is using Iranian weapons in Ukraine! What is Iran saying?

Russia is using Iran’s air defense system in its campaign against Ukraine, according to a report in the British media The Guardian. The Guardian quoted members of the Iranian-backed Iraqi militia and regional intelligence agencies as saying. However, Iran has blown up such news.

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Russia is taking these weapons and military hardware from Iraq through smuggling, according to a report published by the Guardian on Tuesday (April 12). RPGs, anti-tank missiles, as well as Brazil-designed rocket launcher systems have been shipped from Iraq to Russia due to the failure of Moscow’s operation in Ukraine last month.

According to reports, the Iranian-made Bavar-373, similar to the Russian S-300, was given to Moscow by the Tehran authorities. Moscow has given Tehran S-300. The Guardian claims that this information was provided by the helpers in its transportation.

However, the British newspaper dismissed the newspaper’s claim and wrote in a tweet from the Iranian embassy in London that Tuesday’s report in the Guardian was “fictional, baseless and unrealistic.” The Guardian has taken a completely unprofessional approach, linking the current situation in Ukraine with events in the Middle East. The Iranian embassy in London also sent a protest letter to the newspaper.


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