Russia is taking revenge for that incident!

Russia has suddenly stepped up its attacks on Ukraine. Russia had earlier announced that it would move eastward from the outskirts of the capital, Kiev, but in reality the opposite was true, the BBC reported on Monday.

The BBC reports that the capital, Kiev, has been rocked by rocket and air strikes in several Ukrainian cities. War sirens have been sounded almost all the time to warn of attacks.

Long-range missile strikes are being carried out, especially in Kiev and Lviv. There have been casualties in two cities.

According to the BBC, Ukraine sees a reason behind the sudden intensification of the Russian attack. Ukraine’s claim that Russia’s Black Sea Fleet’s flagship warship, the Moscow Missile Cruiser, sank in the Black Sea has angered Russia. Russia is retaliating by firing missiles.

According to the BBC, the incident was “disgraceful” for Moscow – the largest damage to Russian warships since World War II. Russia must respond to this bitter incident by publishing pictures of the ship’s surviving crew and sending a message of tolerance.

Kiev and Moscow have made two demands regarding the sinking of the ship.

Kiev claims that Ukraine has carried out missile attacks on warships. The country also said the ship was badly damaged in the missile attack. The ship was attacked in the Black Sea on Wednesday, the governor of Odessa, Ukraine, said. confirmed that the Moscow cruise ship had exploded and caught fire. However, they did not acknowledge the Ukrainian forces’ attack.

Russia lost two warships after the Ukraine attack. Last March, another Russian ship was wrecked by a Ukrainian attack on the Russian-occupied Berdynsk port in the Azov Sea.

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