Russia imposes sanctions on Boris

Moscow has banned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from entering Russia. Some other British ministers have also been banned.

Kiev has been quiet for the past two weeks. In the vicinity of the occupied territories by the Russian army, they gradually retreated. Everyone was saying that Russia was giving up hope for the whole of Ukraine and was looking east. But Kiev has been in turmoil since the Russian warship Moscow was destroyed by a Ukrainian missile two days ago. Moscow launched a series of missile strikes on the Ukrainian capital today, directly threatening the Kiev leadership.

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Moscow destroyed Ukraine’s Neptune missile.

Russia first fired a counter-rocket at the missile factory near Kiev. Kiev has been under attack overnight since Friday’s incident. The capital’s mayor, Vitaly Klitschko, said there had been multiple explosions in Darnitsky on the outskirts of Kiev. Rescuers and health workers were dispatched. No casualties were reported. However, successive attacks are again engulfing the panic in Kiev. “It’s scary to hear the sound,” Anna Budko, a local resident, told the media. I closed the car door but trembled at the sound. There is always a fear. I am constantly trying to overcome that panic. I can’t explain exactly …. ” Klitschko said one person had been reported dead. Many were injured. “The missile defense system is trying to defend itself,” the mayor said. But the enemies are ruthless, ruthless. ”

Russia has become even more destructive since the destruction of Moscow. According to them, the support of the western countries is behind the courage and strength of Ukraine. Russia’s state-run television said yesterday that the fight against Nato, albeit not directly, was a “World War III”. Today again the Kremlin warns that if the West continues to supply arms to Ukraine in this way, the consequences will be “unimaginable”. In a diplomatic statement, Moscow said, “The United States and NATO are handing over extremely powerful weapons to Kiev. It is only adding fuel to the fire. The consequences will be unimaginable. ”

Moscow has banned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from entering Russia. In addition to him, some other British ministers have been banned. For example, Rishi Sunak, Preeti Patel, Ben Wallace, Liz Truss, Dominic Raab, former Minister Teresa May and many more. Russia has taken steps against Boris and his ministers to side with Ukraine. In a statement, they said, “London has continued its political campaign to isolate Russia in the international arena. Russia imposed a similar embargo on US President Joe Biden in March.

Moscow claims that this is their “special forces operation.” Not the aggression of Ukraine. Even today the attack continues throughout the day. Mariupol to the south, Kharkiv to the northeast are still burning. Six people have been killed in Russian shelling in Kharkiv today. Among them is a seven-month-old baby. More than 900 bodies have been recovered from areas around Kiev, including Bucha. Most were shot dead by Russian forces. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced today that at least 3,000 troops had been killed. More than 10 thousand injuries. “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.”

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