Russia has given an ultimatum to Ukrainian troops to surrender in Mariupol

Russia has called for the surrender of Ukrainian troops in Mariupol. Russia says those who surrender will have their lives guaranteed.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has previously said that wiping out Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol would mean the end of negotiations.

Meanwhile, officials say Russia is going to impose more restrictions on Mariupol from Monday.

The mayor of Kiev, meanwhile, has warned citizens of the city against further Russian missile strikes. At the same time, those who have fled the city have been asked not to return.
Russia has called for the surrender of Ukrainian troops in Mariupol by Sunday. The country has said it will only guarantee the safety of their lives if they surrender their weapons within that time. That’s why they have advised Ukrainian troops to make their own decisions without looking to Kiev.Russia says security will be ensured if Ukrainian troops and foreign mercenaries still fighting in Mariupol surrender their weapons between 8am and 1pm local time.

Those who do so will be treated as prisoners under the Geneva Conventions. Russia did not say in its statement what would happen to those who would not surrender.

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