Russia has claimed responsibility for the first-ever massacre in Moscow

Russia has confirmed that this is the first casualty in the sinking of the Russian Navy’s main warship, the Moscow Sea Fleet. Al Jazeera quoted the state news agency RIA as saying.

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Missile cruiser Moscow sank last week. The Russian Defense Ministry said a sailor was killed in the incident. Another 28 sailors went missing. The remaining 398 sailors have been rescued.

Russia says a stockpile of ammunition was set ablaze in Moscow after an explosion. The missile cruiser sank as the sea was rough at that time. Ukraine claims, however, that it launched two anti-ship Neptune missiles in Moscow.

Moscow led the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The loss of the warship is seen as a major blow to Russia. However, Russia has not reported any casualties in the shipwreck. Russia lost the second largest warship in the Ukraine war.

Reuters quoted U.S. officials, who did not want to be named, as saying that Washington believed there were casualties. Ukraine claims the ship’s captain, Anton Kuprin, was killed there.

The 12,490-ton Moscow is the largest warship to have sunk since World War II. Russia also deployed missile cruisers during the war in Syria. Moscow was considered a symbol of the strength of the Russian military.
According to Russian media reports, Moscow was commissioned in 1973. The warship was equipped with 16 Bhulkan cruise missiles capable of striking at a distance of 600 km. It also contained submarine destroyers and mine-torpedo weapons.

Russia launched an attack on Ukraine on February 24. Moscow was leading the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet to attack Ukraine. After the sinking of the warship, Russian forces intensified their attacks on various cities in Ukraine.

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