Russia demands capture of Mariupol

Russian forces have demanded full control of the important port city of Mariupol in Ukraine’s Donbass. Defense Minister Sergei Soygu confirmed the information to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday (April 21st). This information has been confirmed in a report of the news agency Taser.

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Meanwhile, Putin has expressed great excitement over the news of the capture of Mariupol. He says the city of Mariupol has been “liberated” from Ukrainian forces. Russia has also taken over the region’s largest azovostal steel plant.

The capture of the city of Mariupol is a strategic victory for Russia. It will help annex Crimea to the pro-Russian separatist regions of eastern Ukraine.

Defense Minister Sergei Soygu said about 2,000 Ukrainian troops were still stationed inside the Azovostal steel plant. One lakh 42 thousand civilians have already been evacuated from the city. Putin says the “liberation” of Mariupol is a major achievement for Russian troops.

Earlier, a top Russian foreign ministry official said Moscow’s special military operation would end only if NATO stopped using Russia to threaten Russia.

Russia has demanded a number of commitments from NATO. These include ensuring the protection of peaceful citizens of Donbass, halting arms supplies to Ukraine, and preventing NATO countries from using the territory of Ukraine to threaten Russia.

Moscow has confirmed that the special operation in Ukraine will end only if these conditions are fully met. Alexei Polishchuk said their military operation in Ukraine was proceeding according to plan. He also mentioned that all their goals will be achieved.

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