Russia could launch a nuclear attack: Zelensky

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that all countries in the world should be prepared for Russia to launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine. He made the remarks in an exclusive interview with CNN on Friday.
On Thursday, CIA Director William Burns said Russia could use strategic nuclear weapons to wage aggression in Ukraine. In an interview with CNN, Zelensky was asked if he was intimidated by a CIA director’s remarks.

In response, Zelensky said, “It’s not just me – all over the world, all countries have reasons to be afraid because it may not be accurate information, but it may be true.”

“We should not be afraid, we should be prepared, not be afraid,” he said. But it’s not just a question for Ukraine, it’s for the whole world, I think. ”

Zelensky was also questioned about the sinking of the Russian flagship Moscow. But Zelensky responded tactfully to the news that the ship had sunk after being hit by two Ukrainian missiles. “We know it doesn’t exist,” he said. To us, it’s a powerful weapon against us, so sinking it is not bad news for us. ”

“The fewer weapons the Russian Federation has to carry out attacks in our country, the better for us,” Zelensky said.

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