Ruby Stone: Astrological Benefits & How to Wear

a raw ruby gemstone

A ruby comes to our mind when we think of a beautiful red stone, right? And why not? Since antiquity, ruby has been one of the most treasured gemstones which has charmed people with its unimaginable beauty and striking red color. Ruby stone is known for its appealing red shades, varying from vibrant red to purplish red, making it a stone worth adding to your jewelry box. 

Meaning Of Ruby

The word ‘ruby’ originates from the Latin word Rubeus or Ruber, meaning red. The red color of the ruby portrays thousands of emotions; therefore, this precious stone is one of the most favorite gems to be set in jewelry. The name of this precious gem has been mentioned four times in the holy bible, a fact that underscores the great significance of red stone. In ancient culture, ruby was believed to protect its wearer against evil energies.

Besides rarity, unapologetic beauty and appealing color shades, ruby is also known for its extraordinary astrological significance. The cosmic power of ruby represents vitality and sensuality, making it a perfect stone for those who feel low and want to re-energize themselves. Ruby has been regarded as the most precious gemstone and is appreciated by various cultures around the world. 

Excited to know more about the precious gem ruby? Let’s add more spice to your curiosity. Here I have listed some mind-blowing astrological benefits of the magical ruby.

Astrological Benefits Of Ruby

1. Adds Spark To Your Love Life

The fiery red color of ruby represents the utmost love, passion, energy and commitment. Legend says that in the 1800s, French jewelers were so mesmerized by the timeless beauty of ruby that they called this majestic red stone ‘dearly loved stone’. So, if you’re struggling in your relationship and want something that can blossom the flower of love again, then the ruby stone will surely ignite the lost spark of love in your relationship. The celestial energy of ruby will improve the understanding between you & your S.O. and strengthen your bond. 

You can gift a beautiful piece of a ruby ring to your lady love to make her feel your romantic love and care for her. 

2. Protection Against Evil Energy

Are you dealing with negativity in your life? If yes, then ruby stone is the best therapy for you. The great metaphysical properties of ruby are known for creating a positive aura around the wearer. Legends say that when you place a ruby under your pillow, the stone will protect you from evil energies and bad dreams. The positive energy of ruby will cut off the negative aura and infuse positivity within you. 

You can also wear ruby in a jewelry setting that touches your skin. Through this, the positive cosmic energy will fill you with positive energy and protect you against evil energies. 

3. Brings You Goodwill

Wearing a piece of ruby jewelry can bring you a lot of name and fame in your professional realm, irrespective of what your profession is. Ruby helps you achieve heights of success and create goodwill in your work area. The metaphysical significance of ruby improves creativity and boosts self-confidence which encourages greater success in your professional life.  

You can also gift a piece of magical ruby jewelry to your loved ones if you want to wish a successful professional life to them.   

Pro Tip: You should select a perfect shape and size of ruby to allow it to shower its positive energy on you.

4. Promotes Mental Peace

According to Vedic astrology, ruby is associated with the navel chakra that helps revitalize the entire body and promote mental healing. The energy of ruby helps the wearer fight anxiety, depression and mental illness and promotes emotional healing in his/her life. 

Ruby is also associated with the sun, known for cultivating self-belief in the wearer’s life. It is believed that when you wear a piece of ruby in the form of jewelry, you will feel that all your fears, self-doubts and insecurities are reduced. So, when you start wearing ruby stone, you will gradually find that all your negative thoughts are diminishing and your self-confidence is getting better.

Now you know about the immense metaphysical properties of ruby. It’s time to enlighten you with more information about how to wear ruby jewelry. 

How To Wear Ruby Stone?

According to Vedic astrology, ruby is one of the most influential stones with a great deal of astrological significance. This is why it is advised that before wearing a ruby stone, a certain procedure should be followed if you want to reap all the benefits of ruby. 

Here, I have explained the purification and cosmic energy activation process of ruby stone, allowing the ruby to flow its positivity into the wearer’s life.

  • As per Vedic astrology, before wearing a ruby stone, you need to keep it overnight in the mixture of holy water of Ganga, honey, curd, milk and sugar. This mixture will wash off all the impurities and negativities from the ruby. 
  • The size of the ruby should be apt which is based on the body weight of the wearer and the stone should touch your skin in order to provide all its astrological benefits.
  • According to Vedic astrology, the ruby stone should be worn on Sunday between 5 am and 7 am if you want the cosmic energy of ruby to fill you with positivity.
  • If you want to be most benefited by the power of ruby, then design your ruby jewelry in gold as gold represents the power of the sun. This will help you attract all the good things into your life.  

Wrapping Up…

Now you know the astrological significance of ruby and how to wear it to get all the benefits of this magical gem. The different red shades of ruby will catch the attention of everyone wherever you go. Consult a reputed jeweler to curate a piece of ruby jewelry as you desire. 

Let the positivity begin with the magical stone ruby.   


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