Ruby Bracelets: The Perfect Gift For Your Love

For any gift to be delightful, 

It ought to be startling

Gift, there is something ineffable about this word that whenever you hear it, you get excited. Just the thought of getting a gift makes you excited like nothing else does, and then there’s suspense to up the stakes. Suspense dramatically adds to the oomph of getting a gift. And if the gift is a ruby bracelets, all the excitement and suspense pay off well. Ruby bracelets make great gifts. Gifting your love a bracelet embellished with a gemstone that defines love and passion can surely bring a smile to her face.

ruby bracelets

Appealing Color

The color and hardness of ruby make it so tempting that people seek out this gemstone in a variety of fashions. Ruby’s red color is one of the most dominating and intense colors that best articulate our deepest and most powerful emotions. Feelings like courage, love, affection, passion and anger are associated with the color red. It’s also a beautiful color that looks great on everyone’s skin tone. The hardness of ruby even enables the wearer to wear a jewelry piece decorated with this gemstone every day.

Dependable Hardness

Ruby scores 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is a great score. The gemstone is second only to diamond when it comes to hardness. In your natural everyday routine, imagine how many times you perform hand gestures and slide your hands into glove compartments or bags. Now, imagine getting your natural ruby bracelet scratched or brushed against multiple things while you perform these activities. You surely don’t want that to happen with your significant other.

dependable hardness

Ruby’s terrific score on the Mohs scale of hardness makes bracelets decorated with this gemstone a perfect fit. A sturdy gemstone like ruby is perfect to be decorated in a jewelry piece meant to be worn every day. Ruby can easily withstand the wear and tear of average everyday life. While choosing a ruby for her bracelet, make sure to avoid getting a gemstone that’s too dark or too light. The reason for that is, if the color of the ruby is too dark, it will have a negative effect on the gemstone’s brightness. On the contrary, if the color of the ruby is too light, it will look like a pink sapphire.

Choosing A Metal

The one thing that you need to keep in mind while fashioning ruby tennis bracelets for your love is that you should fashion it in a metal that suits her skin. Metal of any jewelry piece should always be selected on the basis of the wearer’s skin. The skin tone of the wearer is another important aspect that you should consider. While a ruby stone bracelet looks its level best in any metal, it’s the comfort of the wearer that should be your prime concern. 

choosing a metal

Certain metal alloys can cause skin allergies, whether chronic or sudden. If she’s comfortable wearing all types of metals, you can fashion the bracelet in any metal of your choice that you feel will look good on her. However, if she’s allergic to any metal, you should definitely avoid it.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for inspiration, ruby emerald-cut bracelets are a cut above the rest. They best exhibit the brilliance of ruby. Make sure that you buy your ruby bracelet from a reputed jeweler. A reputed jeweler will always provide you with a certificate of authenticity for your gemstone.


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