Roof Requirements for Solar Panel Installation


Solar panels utilise sun energy and do not cause any pollution as it replaces fossil fuels. If you are conscious of nature and your surroundings, you should opt for solar panels to keep your environment green and clean. You can play your part in making this world a better place by adopting little beneficial changes in the long term. Installing solar panels on your roof is a wise step. However, since every company claims to be the best solar installers Melbourne-wide, you should inquire and choose your installers sensibly. There are specific requirements for roofs, and you should know about them. Let us give you a little overview!

Measure The Size Of Your Roof

Before you proceed to hire solar installers, it is best to measure the size of your roof. Investing money in a solar power system and realising it does not fit on your rooftop is undoubtedly a horrible experience. The average space needed to install solar panels on a roof is 400 to 600 square feet. One solar plate takes about 18 square feet of space. If you have a slanted roof, it is the best option. But having a flat roof is also not that bad.

Check The Type Of Your Roof

Inspecting your roof type is an essential part of installing solar panels on your rooftop. What material is your roof made of? Shingles, clay, or slate are the most common materials. Shingles are the most durable material type, and it is easier to install solar panels on such a roof. On the other hand, clay and slate are not as durable as shingles. Therefore, it is advised not to install solar panels on them.

Know The Direction Of Your Roof

The sunlight always falls in a specific direction. Knowing which direction your roof is facing is crucial to getting the most out of it. You should place solar plates where maximum sunlight reaches them. Professionals recommend that your roof face the south with an orientation of 180 to195 degrees.

Inspect The Surroundings Of Your Roof

Solar panels do not work unless exposed to sunlight for maximum hours. They need to recharge after a continuous supply of energy. 6-hour sun exposure is necessary, or the solar panels will not provide the expected outcome. Ensure that obstructions that block the sunlight, such as chimneys, trees, buildings, or dormers, are not present around your roof. It will limit the production of electricity.  

Determine The Strength Of Your Roof

Solar panels are going to increase the weight on your roof. Your roof can collapse if it is not sturdy enough which is an obvious hazard for the people living in the house. It will also cost you a lot for roof repairing and installing a new solar power system. You should hire a professional roofing service to check the condition of your roof before you proceed with solar panel installation.

Reach out to the Sustainable today, get your roof evaluated, and avail yourself of the best solar panel installation prices!

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