Ronaldo was honored by Liverpool fans in the seventh minute

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son has gone to the land of no return after birth. He was supposed to be the father of twins. Although the girl was healthy after birth, the boy died soon after birth. Ronaldo himself broke the news on Monday night.

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For this reason, Manchester United coach Ralph Rangnik dismissed CR Seven in the match against Liverpool on Tuesday. “The family is definitely more important than the game,” ManU said in a statement. This is a very difficult time for Ronaldo. ”

The Red Devils went to Anfield to play against Liverpool without leaving Ronaldo in the squad. They lost 4-0 to Liverpool in this match.

However, the grief of losing Ronaldo’s son has touched the opposition camp as well. In the Liverpool-Man Utd match at Anfield, the Liverpool fans stood up and expressed their respect and sympathy to Ronaldo.

Forgetting the eternal animosity, Liverpool and Manchester United fans stood up and clapped in the seventh minute of the match. Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, who lost their son, were given a round of applause for about 60 seconds from around the field. At this time the supporters started singing together ‘You will never walk alone.’

Ronaldo’s jersey number is seven, so the fans stood in the seventh minute of the match for 60 seconds and sympathized with Ronaldo.

At the end of the match, Liverpool coach Jর্গrgen Klopp said, “Football should be really (humane). All the opponents became one side at this time. This is something that is very important. It (standing up and paying homage) must have established a lofty idea. ‘


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