Ronaldo collapses at Brighton, hoping for the last Champions League

t was already clear that next season’s Champions League would not be played by the traditional English club Manchester United. It was confirmed on Saturday night. Cristiano Ronaldo-Paul Pogbara lost 4-0 at Brighton Hove & Albion.
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As a result of this defeat, United had no chance of being in the top four of the English Premier League with 56 points from 36 matches. Because Tottenham, which is in the top five, has 72 points. As a result, Ronaldo will have to play in the UEFA Europa League or the UEFA Conference League next season.

Ronaldo did almost everything except to score in Saturday night’s game at Brighton. They made 15 shots in the whole match and kept 5 goals. But none of the goals matched. On the other hand, Brighton scored four goals in the home field along with 6 shots.

Moses Sisedo put Brighton ahead in the 19th minute of the first half. The other three goals were scored in the second half. Mark Kukurella scored in the fourth minute after returning from the break. 7 minutes later, Pascal Grubb made his name in the score sheet. Haley was met by Leandro Trussard in the last 60 minutes.

After this defeat, Manchester United is at number six with 56 points in 36 matches. Brighton is at number nine with 48 points from 36 matches. Tottenham, who are in the top five, have collected 62 points in 35 matches. United have no way to surpass them.

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