Ronaldo, back to Pel’s house

No one has to wait for the media to know what the stars do now, where to go, what to eat. They let everyone know about it through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Keeping in touch with fans is one of the reasons, but it is not the only reason. The price of a star is often judged by the number of followers on Twitter and Instagram. This photo feature with some selected pictures given by the stars on social media লে Ronaldo Pel,, both of them have returned home.

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The last few days have been difficult for Cristiano Ronaldo’s family. However, the Portuguese football star is still finding new directions. Posting a picture of the family on Instagram, he wrote, ‘Geo and our daughter finally got together. I would like to thank everyone for the sympathetic message. Your support is important, we feel your respect and love for our family. Now is the time to be grateful for the life we ​​have just welcomed into the world. ‘

Eight have been named to the Premier League’s Hall of Fame, which began last year. An event was held in honor of the eight in London on Thursday night. That’s where Alan Shearer (center) now joins (from left) Wayne Rooney, Ian Wright, Patrick Vieira and Vincent Company. Didier Drogba, Sergio Aguero and Paul Scholes have also been inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. However, they were not present at the event, sent a video message.

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