‘Rizwan is better than Pant’

Along with Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan is another big star in Pakistan cricket at the moment. His performance will say that. He was an important member of the Pakistan cricket team for two years. The selectors can’t even think of a Pakistan team at the moment without big length cricket or limited overs — Rizwan. Rizwan’s performance played a major role in Pakistan’s semi-final match in the T20 World Cup in November last year.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Rizwan’s contemporary cricketer is Rishabh Pant of India. Both are wicketkeeper-batsmen. Cricket fans find a way to entertain both of them. Pant has been a part of the Indian cricket team for two or three years. In the meantime, he has proved himself as a match-winning cricketer. Pant’s bat spoke well in India’s historic Test series win on Australian soil in January 2021. In the series-determining Test in Brisbane, Pant actually won India.

Rizwan is now an important member of the Pakistan team
Rizwan is now an important member of the Pakistan teamFile photo: AFP
India and Pakistan are eternal enemies. The comparison comes. In cricket, it seems to be more. Babar Azam is always compared with Virat Kohli. The comparison between the two is going on between Rizwan and Pant. Former Pakistan fast bowler and one of the members of the 1992 World Cup winning team, Akib Javed, however, thinks that Rizwan is far ahead of Pant.

“Rizwan has been doing better than Pant lately,” Akib told Pakistan’s ARY News. Pant is also a very talented, great cricketer. But Rizwan is taking responsibility. Pant is still a bit behind from the point of view of responsibility. He is a very aggressive cricketer. But aggression doesn’t mean that you go back to the third ball after playing two big shots. Aggression and mental fortitude means winning the team by taking responsibility till the end of the match.

Pant is talented, but Akib Javed sees a lack of sense of responsibility
Pant is talented, but Akib Javed sees a lack of sense of responsibilityPhoto: AFP
Rizwan has so far played 22 Tests, 44 ODIs and 56 T20I matches. He scored 1112 runs in Tests, 696 runs in ODIs and 162 runs in T20s. Rizwan’s batting average in 20-over cricket is a staggering 650.36. Pant has played 30 Tests, 24 ODIs and 43 Twenty20 Internationals for India. Runs 1920, 615 and 63 respectively.

Akib also commented on Kohli. According to him, Kohli has already reached the peak of his career, ‘Kohli is not at the peak of his batting form now. He has already crossed that. Now his form is declining, on the other hand Babar is now on the way to the top. ‘

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