‘River pollution has made Dhaka an ecologically dead city’

Has the river commission done anything tangible to prevent river encroachment and pollution? Or has this commission become a toothless tiger?

Actually no institution of the government should have any teeth or claws. What the government organisation needs to carry out their responsibilities, is effective laws and regulations. The National River Protection Commission is a relatively new organisation and its laws need amendment. Despite many limitations, it has so far managed to identify 57,000 illegal encroachers and published a list in this regard. With the help of the concerned district administration and BIWTA, 14,000 illegal encroachers have been evicted and the eviction drive continues.

Former member of parliament from Dhaka, Aslamul Huq, had challenged the authority of National River Protection Commission because you all had objected to a project of his. Can an MP actually challenge this commission formed by the government?

The MP Aslamul Huq, now deceased, challenged the National River Protection Commission’s authority in river demarcation, but his objections were rejected. Later the National River Protection Commission identified the river territory illegally occupied by the MP and BIWTA along with the district administration carried out an eviction drive accordingly. BIWTA and Dhaka district administration will be able to give an update in the eviction drive.

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