Restrictions on Russian merchants, Dutch bankruptcy

A court in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, has declared the Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB) bankrupt.

This information was given by the Russian media Tas on Friday quoting the country’s media The Financial Dogblad.

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The bank’s entrepreneurs include Russian businessmen Mikhail Friedman and Piotr Aven. Against whom the European Union has imposed sanctions. The two businessmen own 42 percent shares of the bank.

According to the media report, the bank has suffered serious losses due to sanctions imposed on Russia. Because many opponents and other banks have boycotted the company.

Due to the bankruptcy of the bank’s 26 thousand customers will be affected. Most of them live in the Netherlands. Who collectively deposited hundreds of millions of euros in the bank.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, among others, have imposed sanctions on Russia since the invasion of Ukraine. In this, Russian businessmen are facing various obstacles.

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