Rescue Your Ride: A Guide On Panel Beaters And Dent Pullers

Accidents can happen anytime on the road. Exempting accidents, and cars can get dented by a lot of environmental factors. Insurance can be useful during those times but minor dents or dings cannot be claimed by the car owner as they are not usually covered. Seeking expert help to repair the dents can restore the look and feel of your car. Professionals in the automobile repair industry have expertise in metalworking, welding, and painting that aids them to remold and add a finish to the dents to make them look nonexistent. The work of car panel beaters demands an amalgamation of technical skills, creativity, and attention to minute details. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let us understand the common reasons that can cause dents to appear on the side panels.

How Do Dents Appear On Cars?

Some dents that occur are mishaps due to clumsiness on our part. But if we are careful, we can avoid some of them from happening. As the saying goes, ‘It’s better to safe than sorry.’

The most common culprit behind car dents is shopping trolleys in a mall parking lot. Unaware shoppers can bump the trolleys to the side of the car and end up denting. One way to avoid the bumps from appearing is to park away from others.

Dents are a common occurrence near high-risk areas such as fields or stadiums. A group of people playing can kick the ball outside the field, which may hit your car. Due to that, a dent may occur, which will require repairing.

Other car doors can also cause a dent in the car panels. The cars parked right next to you may slam hard when opened or closed carelessly and hit your car and cause damage.

In the event of a hailstorm or heavy rainfall, it is advisable that the car owner parks it in a covered area or a garage to save it from the onslaught of hail damaging the car. Branches can fall from the trees during adverse weather conditions and cause dents. A thick branch from the tree can cause significant damage.

While driving, try to avoid routes that are unpaved or under construction. Debris flying from these roads can cause damage and dents to your car. If one finds oneself on one of these roads, then using the GPS to reroute is a wise decision.

No matter how expert you are at driving, tight parking spaces should be avoided to save the car from denting. Trying to squeeze the car into a tight space, or trying to parallel park can result in the car hitting another car or a structure.

Can Dents Be Removed At Home?

If the dents are minor or shallow, they can be removed with the help of a DIY car dent puller. DIY dent pullers do not work on deep or angular dents along car panels and fail to create a perfect finish. But there are certain pros to using a dent puller:

It doesn’t need a lot of investment. It can save money in the short term.

The car won’t be staying in the garage, restricting the owner’s movement.

No one will be held accountable if something goes wrong.

The dent puller has to be used in a specific way for maximum effect. Firstly, the suction surface of the car dent puller and the dent needs to be cleaned with water. If the dent is small, then

attach the suction side to the middle of the dent. If the dent is large, attach it to the side and work your way to the middle. Do not pull with force as it can be rather counterproductive; pull in short bursts.

But if someone is new at this, they should consult reputed panel beaters and get the dents fixed. They have specialized ways that can fix the dents. Car panel beaters use stud welders, which can weld the studs onto the bodywork and use stud rulers to pull out the dents. They can also use a hammer and dolly, dolly is a big chunk of metal that the mechanic will use against the door and then hammer out the dents. Another method panel beaters use is a plier, the pliers pull out the edges and round the corners off.

Why Repair Dents?

Though dents only affect the aesthetic value of cars, there are multiple reasons why one should consider fixing them. They can also save the owner from running into bigger problems in the future:

Dents can give way to rust on the surface of the car, hence they should be dealt with quickly.

Dents can reduce the resale value of the car.

Cars can be susceptible to more damage and make the car unsafe.


Car panel beaters can remove dents and dings and, use fillers on the repaired area then a hardener is used once set the surface is sanded and painted to resemble the rest of the car body.


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