Real Wedding Bouquets Vs Artificial Wedding Bouquets

Choosing bouquets for your wedding can be such a hassle. With various wedding bouquets online and local stores providing both original and artificial wedding bouquets, you can get confused. Flowers are used almost in every wedding decoration, from the wedding ceremony to the event of reception. It is a unique way to add a natural touch to your big day and wedding flower bouquets. Being a popular alternative, it is also a great way to cut down on the cost of natural flowers without compromising on their beauty. Real and artificial flowers have their pros and cons. In this blog, we will share some facts to help you decide which ones to go with.

Are artificial wedding bouquets better than the real ones?

You may wonder why artificial wedding bouquets are even an option but do not worry. We have got you covered. Being a bride, you have to look forward to tons of other expenses, and cutting down on your costs by getting artificial wedding bouquets would not hurt at all. Right? Artificial flowers have their aesthetics, and the best part is they do not die down. Still puzzled? Here are some reasons that may convince you to get artificial wedding bouquets.

Artificial wedding bouquets are cost-effective.

Professionals who arrange weddings and newlywed brides will tell you how real flowers eat most of your wedding budget, and they are not wrong. Do you know how much a couple spends on their wedding flowers? 700$ to 3000$ on average. As shocking as it may sound, this is not the only setback. Real flowers are not long-lasting either. Getting artificial flowers will save you a lot of money, and you can easily invest that money into your honeymoon trip.

Artificial wedding bouquets are durable.

When we tell you fake wedding flowers are long-lasting, we mean it. But how is that possible? Because they are not fragile, and it will take more than just rain or a heavy gush of wind to damage artificial flowers. The material they are designed with makes them more sturdy and durable than real flowers. If your wedding event is held outside, artificial flowers will relieve you of the stress of unpredictable weather.

Artificial wedding bouquets never go out of season.

It is the job of your wedding florist to design and arrange wedding bouquets, but sometimes, brides do have a choice to pour in their suggestions. They may go for a specific theme. When it comes to real flowers, there are additional costs if the bloom is not in season. However, artificial flowers are available throughout the year without any extra charges.

Artificial wedding bouquets are allergen-free.

Real flowers can cause allergies to some of your guests. This may not be a huge concern, but you also do not want your wedding event to echo with people sneezing here and there. Real flowers can be a source of pollen allergy, and people who get affected may leave your wedding event with bitter memories. Artificial flowers come in handy in such situations and entertain your guests without discomfort.

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