Real Madrid is very confident about MBAP

Kylian Mbabane is leaving Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) to join Real Madrid – a rumor that has been circulating in European football for the past few seasons. But so far this rumor has not been proved true in any season. MBAP is still in PSG.

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According to Leonardo, the sporting director of PSG, Real Madrid is very confident about Mbabane. That is why the same rumors have been heard around Mbabane and Real Madrid for 3 years. Leonardo did not stop poking at Real’s overconfidence.

PSG’s sporting director told Sky Sport Italy: “For the last three years in Madrid they have been confident that Mbabane will eventually play in Real’s jersey. Maybe they are too confident about it. ‘

Despite the sting, Leonardo acknowledged that the two sides had discussed the issue. “Honestly, there was always a discussion. But nothing special happened in Doha. MBAP always communicates with us. He is likely to leave. It can go away again. It’s all his decision. ‘

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