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Ray’s ‘rival’ at Cannes Film Festival

If famous filmmaker Satyajit Ray had survived, he would have celebrated his 102nd birthday on May 2. But to commemorate his memory, this time Ray’s film ‘Rival’ will be screened at the internationally renowned Cannes Film Festival. The festival, which will be held in Cannes, France, will start on May 18. It will end on May 26. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
This year the Cannes Film Festival is turning 65 years old. Again, the 75th year of India’s independence is being celebrated. So this time at the Cannes Film Festival there will be a special screening of ‘Rivals’. This image, created in 1970, has been restored and digitized. That will be displayed at the Cannes festival this time. Not only that, India is being honored as the ‘Country of Honor’ at the Cannes Film Festival this time. Apart from that, Deepika Padukone is on the jury of Cannes Film Festival.
‘Rival’ is a 1970 film directed by Satyajit Ray. Dhritiman Chatterjee has played the lead role in this film based on a novel written by Sunil Gangopadhyay. This is the first film in Satyajit Ray’s ‘Kolkata Trilogy’ series.

The film stars Dhritiman Chattopadhyay, Kalyan Chattopadhyay, Biplob Banerjee, Soumitra Banerjee, Arvind Banerjee, Anindita Chatterjee, Krishna Basu, Indira Devi and others. It is said that the ‘rival’ is a fine reflection of the turbulent times of Calcutta in the sixties. Its story centers on an educated middle class named Siddhartha, who struggles with social unrest. In the midst of rampant corruption and unemployment, the man cannot keep pace with his revolutionary activist brother or sister who is drowning in his career. Satyajit Ray’s film has become timeless for auditing with techniques like photo-negative flashback.
The Malayalam film ‘Thampu’ (The Circus Tent) from India will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was made in 1976 by Govindan Arvind, a prominent Indian director.

This image has also been digitized and revived. Director Arvind died in 1991. The story of his film ‘Thampu’ revolves around the incident of a circus tent being set up in a village in Kerala.
Meanwhile, in a joint venture with India’s National Film Heritage Mission, the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has restored or digitized Satyajit Ray’s ‘Rival’ film.

That film will be screened at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Apart from this, Shaunak Sen’s ‘All That Bridges’ information picture will also be shown in the special screening section of the festival. The 90-minute documentary revolves around the love story of two brothers, Mohammad Saeed and Shehzad, and the rescue and rescue of injured birds. Shaunak says, ‘Love for birds grows while looking at the cloudy sky of Delhi. Then I started thinking about the birds flying in the sky of Delhi. Then one day I work with birds. We rescue and treat the injured. The film is made with all those memories.

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