Radioactive material: Radioactive material was sold for 50 lakhs! Police arrested Hatena, retired BDO

A retired block development officer (BDO) accused of being involved in the sale of radioactive material. Police had earlier arrested four people after receiving information about the deal from a secret source. The radioactive substance was recovered. After that, the video was found out by interrogating the detainees. Burdwan police arrested him from Prabhasnagar of Srirampur police station in Hughli on Saturday night. When Dhrita was taken to court on Sunday, the judge ordered 10 days police custody.

According to police sources, the name of the retired video is Sudhanya De. The video of Arunachal was beautiful. His home is in Paschimpara, on the outskirts of Haripal police station in Hughli. According to police, Sudhanya claimed during interrogation that a man from Rajarhat had given him the radioactive material for sale. Sudhanya told the police that the man had been involved in the sale of archeological materials for a long time.

Police arrested three people from Parbihata area of ​​Burdwan city on Saturday night last week while they were trying to sell the radioactive material. Their names are Ashish Bandyopadhyay, Nimai Das and Perth Pal. The radioactive substance weighing 943 grams was recovered from them. After being rescued, it was sent to Bhaba Atomic Research Center in Kolkata. After questioning the three suspects, the police came to know that they intended to sell the radioactive material to one person for Rs 50 lakh. During the interrogation, the police found another person involved in this business. The man, identified as Shiuji Pandey, a resident of Serampore, was also arrested.

The police may find out that Sudhanya is involved in this business by arresting that Shiuji. Retired BDO went to Prabhasnagar on Saturday to meet Shuji’s son. The police arrested him at that time.

Police said Dhrita was produced in Burdwan court on Sunday. The judge granted the investigators’ request and remanded Sudhanya in police custody for 10 days.

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